PM360 2023 Masterclass of Storytelling

Axiom makes it into PM360’s 2023 Masterclass of Storytelling

To recognize the power of stories in the life sciences industry, PM360 Magazine introduced its 2nd Annual Masterclass of Storytelling.

We're delighted that our patients' experiences for AstraZeneca are included for the second straight year. 

AstraZeneca needed to prepare their sales force for the launch of their first liver cancer therapy. Prognosis can be poor for patients with liver cancer; this wasn’t just about selling a product, but helping the team understand what patients and their caregivers are going through. Axiom also identified that there was a real desire from AstraZeneca to return to in-person training post-COVID, after two years of virtual programs.

To help develop an in-person workshop for their teams, AstraZeneca provided Axiom with market research about how patients move through the care continuum and how clinicians interact with them at different stages of the patient journey. Crucially, Axiom also had access to journals, which highlighted the emotional and physical impact of liver cancer on patients and their families.

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