Christian Locantore

Christian Locantore Joins Axiom as Interactive Game Design & Production Intern

Christian Locantore has joined the Axiom Creative team as an Interactive Game Design & Production intern for his six-month Drexel Co-op. The Drexel Co-op program splits the year in two halves, where students spend six months in academic study and the other six months with full-time employment, gaining practical experience in their field of study prior to graduation. At Drexel, he is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Game Design & Production with a minor in Screenwriting and a Certificate in Entertainment Writing & Publishing. In short, he likes making games and writing stories!

He was drawn into video games at a young age, with his first consoles being the Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance (in which he played Super Smash Bros, Melee, and Fire Emblem games endlessly). While he loved playing video games throughout his childhood, he never thought about creating them. Instead, he would write short stories. This was an outlet for him to make his own world, characters, and stories. Christian never made the world-building and narrative correlation that exists in both writing and gaming until he began taking screenwriting courses at Drexel. As he learned how video games also utilized scripts to map out the beats and story of the game, he became engrossed in screenwriting—it was the bridge between his two passions. With this realization, he forged his plan of study, taking max credits each term so he could fit screenwriting and English/writing courses for the publishing certificate on top of his Game Design curriculum. 

Being part of the Axiom Creative team, he aids in designing e-learning assets and modules, as well as helping gamify live events. He has also been collaborating with the Instructional Design and Digital teams to research and build upon ways to gamify these e-learning assets. This includes researching and brainstorming ways to gamify knowledge checks and standalone “Total Office Call” educational games that can be used without a facilitator. His goal at Axiom is to take what he learned from his studies in game design and apply it to deliver a compelling gameplay experience for adult learners. 



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