ESMO 2022

ESMO 2022 reflections

As return to face-to-face conferences continues it was fantastic to see the #Oncology community come together last weekend at ESMO 2022. Axiom team members Georgina WileyShawn Jordan and Shaan Bassi were in attendance, and it was wonderful to connect with clients and colleagues across the event.  

As we look forward to the future, the scientific team reflect on some of our key insights from a brilliant congress.


Georgina Wiley, Associate Scientific Director reflected:

There was an incredible close to *2000* abstracts presented throughout the congress. In my new role as Oncology Lead at Axiom there were definitely a lot of key takeaways:

  • New advances continue to evolve at rapid pace: examples such as liquid biopsy, AI and CAR-T continue to change the treatment landscape
  • Treatment options are at an all time high - excited to see where we go from here
  • As we move into a post pandemic reality equity and equality to cancer care is even more important than ever before (I will fly the equity in cancer care flag for the rest of my days!)

Thank you ESMO, all the presenters and exhibitors for putting on such an important conference 👏

Shawn Jordan, Scientific Strategy Director commented:

There's no doubt that medical congresses are incredibly valuable - not just for the latest updates and research being presented, but for the networking and sharing of best practices too. The European Society of Medical Oncology Congress (ESMO22) is one of the most highly respected and well-attended oncology congresses in the world, and it’s an invaluable opportunity for physicians from all over to come together and learn from each other. Even attending virtually, I have felt a beat of fervor coming out of the congress. Perhaps it’s the energy of Paris in autumn, though who am I to say?

Already, some of the most thrilling updates are the positive readouts from trials addressing traditionally “difficult-to-treat” types of cancer – like colon cancer ( and biliary tract cancer ( These and similar trials are reshaping cancer treatment paradigms in dramatic ways, bringing new options to patients that have long gone underserved. These particular cases demonstrate how immune checkpoint inhibitors – increasingly used in combination with one another or with other drug classes – continue to fill every niche of the treatment landscape.

As is to be expected, this proliferation of trials exploring the use of immunotherapy across patients of different cancer types has not been without its “negative” findings. Here is one thing in particular that I appreciate about congresses like ESMO: trials that have not met their primary outcomes – like these in kidney cancer ( and lung cancer ( – are presented alongside the ground-breaking successes. Results like these may seem to not move the needle, but they are of incredible value. These presentations demonstrate openly in this community that there will be missteps in this shared fight against cancer, that there can be learning even in moments of failure, and that there is profound commitment to exploring every chance to better outcomes for people affected by cancer. Hands down, it’s exciting as ever to be tuned into the buzz of oncology research and development.



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